Serta iComfort Hybrid Review

Tomi Ogundayo
May 23, 2023
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The Serta iComfort Hybrid mattress beautifully fuses Serta's proprietary foam technology with a durable coil system, offering a balance of comfort, support, and cooling properties. Known for its pressure-relieving abilities and temperature regulation, the iComfort Hybrid suits a range of sleepers.


Serta's iComfort Hybrid series incorporates their patented Carbon Fiber Memory Foam and UltraCold System™, designed to absorb excess heat and maintain a cool sleep environment.

The iComfort Hybrid series offers a range of firmness levels to cater to different sleep preferences, from plush to extra firm.

The mattress combines a responsive coil system with pressure-relieving foam layers for a balanced feel.


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You tend to sleep hot and want a mattress with advanced cooling technology.

You're looking for a mattress with versatile firmness options.

You want a balanced feel that combines pressure-relieving foam layers and a supportive coil system.

You’re a back or side sleeper

You want a mattress that contours to your shape

You’re willing to pay for premium materials


You prefer an all-foam or latex mattress.

You are looking for a budget-friendly mattress.

You want a firmer mattress


Serta, a well-known name in the mattress industry, offers a range of mattresses designed with different sleep needs in mind. The iComfort Hybrid series, in particular, blends their patented foam technologies with a sturdy coil system for a balanced sleep experience. The mattress comes in different firmness levels, making it a versatile option for various sleep styles.

Comfort & Firmness

The Serta iComfort Hybrid series comes in several models with varying firmness levels, ranging from plush to extra firm. This versatility allows sleepers to choose a model that best suits their comfort preferences and sleep positions. The top layers of memory foam offer a contouring feel that relieves pressure points, while the coil system provides responsive support, ensuring good spinal alignment.

Sleep Temperature

When it comes to temperature regulation, the Serta iComfort Hybrid stands out. The mattress incorporates Serta's UltraCold System™ and Carbon Fiber Memory Foam, both designed to absorb and dissipate heat. The coil layer also promotes airflow, contributing to the mattress's cooling properties. These features make the iComfort Hybrid an excellent choice for those who tend to sleep hot.


  1. Comfort Layer: The top comfort layer of the Serta iComfort Hybrid consists of Serta's proprietary Carbon Fiber Memory Foam. This high-density foam provides excellent pressure relief while enhancing the mattress's durability and support. Infused with carbon fibers, this material pulls heat away from the body, helping sleepers stay cool and comfortable.
  2. Cooling Layer: Next, the mattress incorporates Serta's UltraCold System™, an additional layer of foam that is engineered to absorb excess body heat. This high-performance layer works with the Carbon Fiber Memory Foam to provide advanced cooling for sleepers.
  3. Transition Layer: Following the cooling layer is a transition layer designed to provide additional cushioning and support. It works as a buffer between the softer comfort layers and the more firm support core, creating a balanced feel.
  4. Support Core: The support core of the Serta iComfort Hybrid features a durable coil system. The coils are individually wrapped, allowing them to move independently and provide targeted support to the body's heavier areas. This design not only contributes to excellent spinal alignment but also helps to minimize motion transfer.

The combination of these layers creates a unique balance of comfort, support, and cooling in the Serta iComfort Hybrid mattress.

Comfort Levels

An important aspect of the Serta iComfort Hybrid series is the range of comfort levels available. These different comfort options are achieved through variations in the thickness and density of the foam layers and the coil system's firmness. This means whether you prefer a plush, medium, or firm mattress, there's likely a model in the iComfort Hybrid line that suits your needs. The range of comfort levels also accommodates various sleep positions, from side sleepers who typically prefer softer mattresses to stomach and back sleepers who often need firmer support.

Edge Support

The Serta iComfort Hybrid mattress features a foam-encased edge system, which reinforces the mattress's perimeter, providing excellent edge support. This feature allows sleepers to use the entire surface of the mattress comfortably and helps prevent feelings of roll-off when sleeping or sitting near the edge. It also makes it easier to get in and out of bed.

Motion Isolation

Thanks to its individually-wrapped coil system, the Serta iComfort Hybrid performs well in terms of motion isolation. The coils move independently of each other, helping to reduce the transfer of movement across the bed. This feature, combined with the motion-absorbing properties of the foam layers, makes the iComfort Hybrid a good choice for couples, particularly if one partner tends to move around during the night.


Serta has a long-standing reputation for producing durable mattresses, and the iComfort Hybrid is no exception. The high-quality materials and robust construction contribute to its longevity. The Carbon Fiber Memory Foam, for instance, not only provides pressure relief and cooling but is also known for its resilience. The coil system offers long-lasting support, ensuring the mattress maintains its comfort and performance for years.

Serta's 10-year limited warranty on their iComfort Hybrid mattresses is a testament to their faith in the product's durability and quality. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects, and issues like sagging or body impressions that exceed a certain depth and could affect the mattress's comfort and supportive features. However, it's important to remember that the warranty remains valid only if the mattress is used properly, is well-maintained, and is supported by a suitable base or foundation. Additionally, any damage that results from misuse or improper care may void the warranty. Reading and understanding the terms and conditions of the warranty are essential for customers to ensure they can benefit from it fully.

Warranty claims can be initiated by contacting Serta's customer service. The claim process involves verifying the defect and may require the customer to provide proof of the issue, such as photographs. If the claim is approved, Serta will repair or replace the mattress, though transportation and inspection costs might be borne by the customer.

Customer Service

Serta's customer service is highly regarded for its professionalism and responsiveness. From the moment customers first inquire about a mattress to any post-purchase concerns, the company strives to provide prompt, efficient, and helpful service. They are available through various channels - phone, email, and live chat on their website, providing convenience and accessibility for all customers.

In addition to answering questions and addressing issues, Serta's customer service team helps customers navigate the process of purchasing a mattress online. They offer guidance about selecting the right model and firmness level, information about delivery and setup, and help with initiating returns or warranty claims. Furthermore, their white glove delivery service, which includes the setup of the new mattress and removal of the old one, provides customers with a hassle-free experience.


The Serta iComfort Hybrid mattress is a versatile, high-quality sleep solution that stands out for its innovative cooling technology, range of firmness options, and the unique combination of pressure-relieving foam and supportive innerspring components. The mattress is designed to accommodate a variety of sleepers, providing targeted support and superior comfort that adapts to each individual's needs.

Moreover, Serta's commitment to customer satisfaction, reflected in their diligent customer service and the confidence they show in their products through a 10-year warranty, makes purchasing an iComfort Hybrid mattress a sound investment. Whether you're a hot sleeper seeking a cooling mattress, a couple needing good motion isolation, or simply someone looking for a comfortable and supportive hybrid mattress, the Serta iComfort Hybrid is a product worthy of consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Serta iComfort Hybrid unique?

The Serta iComfort Hybrid stands out for its combination of Serta's proprietary Carbon Fiber Memory Foam and UltraCold System™ with a responsive coil system. This unique blend delivers excellent pressure relief, targeted support, and advanced cooling, catering to a wide range of sleep preferences.

How does Serta iComfort Hybrid regulate sleep temperature?

The Serta iComfort Hybrid uses a combination of materials and design features to help regulate sleep temperature. The Carbon Fiber Memory Foam and UltraCold System™ absorb excess heat from the body, while the coil system allows air to circulate, further enhancing the mattress's breathability and cooling properties.

Can Serta iComfort Hybrid help with back pain?

Yes, the Serta iComfort Hybrid can potentially help alleviate back pain. The mattress's supportive coil system provides targeted support, promoting proper spinal alignment, while the pressure-relieving foam layers contour to the body, offering comfort and reducing pressure points.

What is Serta iComfort Hybrid's trial period and warranty?

Serta offers a 120-night sleep trial for the iComfort Hybrid, giving customers ample time to adjust to the new mattress. They also provide a 10-year limited warranty, covering manufacturing defects and certain issues with the foam and coil system.

Does Serta iComfort Hybrid offer free delivery?

Yes, Serta offers free standard delivery to customers in the contiguous U.S. Additionally, they provide a white glove delivery service, which includes the setup of your new mattress and removal of the old one.

Is Serta iComfort Hybrid environmentally friendly?

Serta aims to minimize its environmental impact by using CertiPUR-US® certified foams in their iComfort Hybrid mattresses. These foams are made without harmful substances like heavy metals, ozone depleters, and certain flame retardants.

How does Serta iComfort Hybrid's pricing compare to other brands?

The Serta iComfort Hybrid is priced higher than some other hybrid mattresses, but it offers substantial value given its innovative features, high-quality materials, and the benefits of both foam and innerspring components. It's an investment in a durable, comfortable, and supportive mattress.

Can Serta iComfort Hybrid mattresses be used with adjustable bases?

Yes, Serta iComfort Hybrid mattresses are designed to be compatible with adjustable bases. This compatibility allows customers to personalize their sleep setup further, enhancing comfort and support.

Is Serta's customer service reliable?

Serta's customer service is generally highly regarded. They strive to address customer queries and concerns promptly and effectively, guiding customers through the purchasing process and providing support during the life of the mattress.

Serta iComfort Hybrid